Unleash Your Inner Goddess


Calling All Sisters, Daughters, Mothers, Grandmothers,

Wives, Partners, Friends and Chickadees...

We are Women, and with all that we do, we deserve more Love, Connection and Support.  

Divine Badass presents Sacred Women's Workshops, Slumber Parties, and Retreat:

Yoga...  Esoteric Teachings...  Nourishing Nutrition...  Expressive Arts...  Ayurvedic Wisdom, Medicine Wheel Ceremonies, Sacred Women's Healing Circles... and SO MUCH MORE!


Join us for our next event:  Sacred Women's Sleepover: 


Facilitated by...


at Prana Yoga and Healing Center, 3840 South Osprey Ave, Sarasota, FL.


Invoke that Indestructible feminine spirit and

Remember... The Goddess is YOU!!