Inside every woman there is a SUPER HERO.  Sometimes you just need to take time to...

“Reconnect to Your Inner Badass!"

We are women!  An amazing species!  Consider what we experience and endure in the course of a lifetime. We work, we play, we nurture… we manage lives, households, and companies… we take care of everyone… we menstruate, have babies, and go through menopause… we get married… we get injured… we gain weight, we lose weight, we gain weight again… we move, we change careers… we grieve through divorce, illness, loss…

From the changes we experience in our physical bodies and life situations, to those moments of feeling stuck and stagnant and in need of a change, sometimes... in fact even often... we start to wonder...  What the heck happened to my Mojo?   

Well this program is designed to help you GET IT BACK!!!!

Here's a bit about how we do it...

Super Hero Training:  We move, nourish, and rest our bodies.

Costume:  We explore new ways of interacting with and being in the world.

Shield:  We learn to manage our stress in healthy ways.

Boots:  We develop and identify those things that keep us grounded.

Cape:  We reflect, remember, and re-invite in that which makes us fly.

Super Powers:  We hone our innate gifts such as love, gratitude, intuition, & the divine feminine.

Super Hero Friends:  We create connections in a supportive community.


My mission is to build a League of Super Hero Women who learn and grow together, who support one another, who fall apart and rebuild together… 

A Community of Badass Ladies!

We'll be using sequences, which include a blend of Yoga Asana and Martial Arts; stress management modalities including meditation and progressive relaxation techniques; educational modules with growth work; journaling and creative arts - all in a discussion and share support group format.  And we make it super fun using a playful super hero model!

The next Reconnect to Your Inner Badass course starts Monday, January 9, 2017, and there are only 3 spots left!

  The course is 10-weeks.  For the group beginning in January, we'll meet on Monday's at 12:30pm for 90-minutes at Prana Yoga Studio in Sarasota. When we finish, you'll have a workbook/manual, course recordings, meditation audio, movement sequence video... and the best part - connection to a community that will be with you always!

Course Fee $350

*Future course dates and times may vary.

**Self paced on-line course with one-on-one support available as an alternative to group setting.

***Part II – Unleash Your Super Powers 2017 dates to be announced in the Spring.